Our Vision

To help people take intentional steps towards optimal health.

The Kalibrators

Kalibra is a team of scientists, athletes, storytellers, researchers, data enthusiasts, financiers and all round thoughtful and self labelled humorous human beings.

Ivan Vatchkov

CEO & co-founder
Avid self-optimiser, wellbeing and longevity maestro. Ex-CEO (Asia) of a large hedge fund, and a super-connector of people, ideas and dots. Active angel investor. World Economic Forum (Davos) Young Global Leader, systems thinker.

Guillaume Belanger

Chief Scientific Officer & co-founder
High energy astrophysicist, statistician, and data scientist. Powerlifter, pilates instructor, and health coach with a passion for natural healing, optimal health, and longevity.

Simon La Macchia

Principal Software Engineer
Former senior engineer at AWS, with a passion for big data and building systems at scale. An avid wine collector and all round technology enthusiast.

Ali Watts

Business Development Manager
Passionate about fitness and health and bringing them together for all. Escaping from corporate life, a longtime Fitness and
Health Coach and connector. Dabbling in Gymnastic Strength Training in spare time.

Orlin Vladikov

Product Manager
Private banker. Calisthenics, self-improvement, meditation and extreme sports enthusiast. Avid reader trying to constantly figure out how things work.

Freddie Luchterhand-Dare

Chief Branding Officer
Incurably curious. A man made of questions. Brand strategist, ethnographer, investigator of human behavior; the whodunnits and whydunnits. Tennis player, hiker, cyclist and all-round exerciser.

Milena Nikolova

Chief Finance Officer
Passionate about tech innovation with 20 years of finance experience across investment banking, wealth management and venture capital investing. An adventurer, salsa dancer and outdoor sports enthusiast.