When it comes to our wellbeing, it turns out that the more we know, the more confusing it can get. We see two key problems.

If we are unable to make sense of the information at hand, then what we learn becomes interesting but not useful.
If we follow approaches designed for everyone the chances are low that they will optimise us individually.

But when nothing is more personal than our own wellbeing, we need personalised insights and plans if we are going to get the most out of the effort we put in. Through 6 key principles, we are finally giving individuals the power to act on their wellbeing in a way that works best for them.


To get maximum returns on the energy we invest, we need to build incrementally towards a goal whilst accepting that the most meaningful changes in our holistic wellbeing will take time.


You cannot just claim something works, you have to show it does. And when we are dealing with something as vital as our own mental and physical health, only hard evidence will suffice.


You can’t outsource your wellbeing. People and products can help, but only you can make real change. For that to happen, you need to own it. All day, every day.


Change is a product of consistency. It’s easy to do something different once – even do it to an extreme – but for it to have genuine and lasting impact you need to sustain it long enough to become a habit.


Wellbeing is a journey, and whilst we are all at different points, we share the common goal of progressing. Achieving that means having personalised and evolving benchmarks we can always measure ourselves against.


Your wellbeing isn’t a perfect science – so don’t treat it like that. We need blind faith as much as brute force and full-on fun if we are going to stay motivated to measure, calibrate, optimise – and then do it all over again.

Join us - brains sharp, body in gear.