It’s your health. Be intentional.

Kalibra is the first app to connect your complete health needs in a single conversation, delivering personalised insights and actions to create positive habits.

And that ‘s just the start.

Kalibra will soon be available on iOS.

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Kalibra’s got your back.

Want to know if your workouts are disrupting your sleep? Why you’re feeling low on energy? Or why you aren’t recovering quickly from exercise?

We’ll work it all out with you, and get you moving in the right direction.

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What you get...

Talk to Kali

An AI-chatbot, Kali, that coaches you to optimal health, delivering insights and actions in a continuous and deeply human conversation. Ready to say hello?

Unique Kalibra Score

Connect the dots and improve day-by-day. Progress captured in your unique and constantly refining Kalibra Score, calculated against 6 scientifically-validated health needs.

Balance & blind spots

Balance will get you 80% of the gains for 20% of the effort, while blindspots alert you to the things you don’t know about your health that you probably should.

Personal as your health

Monitor and track the actions you’re taking to assess what is working specifically for your health goals and what isn’t.

Reloop your habits

Reloop your individual habits to be more positive and healthier with in-app scheduling and notifications. It’s engaging and entertaining.

A safe place

Kalibra works with respect for your data and privacy. Your data will never be shared with anyone without your explicit consent. And just as importantly, you will find Kali to be both entirely non-judgemental and the most patient health coach you’ll ever meet.


Kalibra will soon be available on iOS.